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BERNARD HARRIS—Not All About That Bass

Bassist Bernard Harris is not “all about that bass”, but you wouldn’t know it from hearing him play. Harris has the ability to mesmerize an audience with his funky and soulful instrumental solos on bass guitar. Most bassists function strictly as background players, using their instrument to keep rhythm and beat. Harris takes the bass guitar to an entirely different level, using it to create melody, and in the process, praising God with his marvelous talents.

When, left-handed, Harris first began to play, he learned upsidedown on a right-handed bass, and after discovering he was playing incorrectly, rather than starting over, decided to continue with this uniquely different playing style which led him to make it his own and play upside down to this day.

Hearing Bernard Harris play conjures up images of other great bass players such as Abe Laboriel and Stanley Clarke, who often use their instruments in creative jams and extended solos. Though he has influences and stylistic similarities, Harris brings his own individuality and creative juices to his recordings and live performances.

Harris has toured internationally through Europe and Australia, and performed with many artists such as Aaron Neville, Amy Grant, Phil Keaggy, and Tommy Emmanuel. In the fall of 2006, he joined forces with popular artists Mandisa and TobyMac for a tour across America. In the 11 years of touring with Mandisa, he had the opportunities to perform on Good Morning America twice and was a part of her Grammy award-winning album, Overcomer. Harris also contributed to the movie soundtrack for the 2006 film “Madea’s Family Reunion” with actor/director Tyler Perry.

Even with all of these successful achievements and experiences, Bernard Harris truly enjoys sharing his musical talent as a gift from God with his audiences. He realizes and appreciates that there is more to it all than just the music. There is a message behind every song, and he is the humble messenger to bring this hope across in his concerts.

If you enjoy jazz or funk music, new and creative arrangements of popular tunes, and full-on jamming, then you probably will want to experience the creative music with Bernard Harris. But just remember, it won’t just be “all about that bass.”


Artist Touring

Mandisa: Music Director/Bass Player 2006-2017

Nicole C Mullen: Music Director/Bass  Player 2002-2007

Rachael Lampa: Music Director/Bass Player 2004-2006

Hits Deep featuring TodyMac

WinterJam featuring MercyMe

Road Show featuring Jeremy Camp


Artist Portfolio

Don Moen

Brandon Health

Big Daddy Weave

Amy Grant

Tommy Sims

Mathew West

Laura Story

Nicole C Mullen

Jasmine Murray

Casting Crowns

Aaron Neville’s

Alex Bugeon

Out of Eden

Israel Houghton

Phil Keaggy



Brit Nicole

Tommy Emanuel

Joe Robinson

Chris August

Johnny Lang

Kirk Whalum

Marcus Anderson



Music Director/Bass Player
Upper Room Church of God in Christ


Music Director/Bass Player
Perfecting Faith Ministries Nashville



Worship Pastor/Music Director

Orlando Baptist Church


TV Shows

TBN Nicole C Mullen

TBN 2006 Mandisa

CBS Regis & Kelly 2007 Mandisa

Extra TV 2007 Mandisa

ABC GMA 2012 Mandisa

ABC GMA 2013 Mandisa

700 Club Mandisa

Grand Ole Opy Mandisa

Fox and Friends Mandisa


Production Software

Digital Performer


Loop Community



Camp Electric Music Camp Nashville .....2006-2019 (Still Teaching)

Experience Conference 2010-2016


Instrument/Production Skills

Studio Producer

Audio Editing

Music Arranger

Music Director/Band Leader

Worship Leader

Bass Player



Drum Programming

Stem/Loop Designer


CD Albums (Personal Projects)

Basses Covered


Liv in Nashville

Sweet Hour Relaxation & Meditation Vol. 1

Soudproof Relaxation & Meditaion Vol. 2

Acoustic Christmas

Back to the BASSics Melodies I Love Vol. 1

Bassed On Love Melodies I Love Vol. 2

Basses On Jazz

Mighty Clouds Of Joy...Live in Dallas



Fender USA

Onboard Tuner

AER Pocket Tool

Hercules Stands


Big Screen Movie

Tyer Perry Madea's Family Reunion


Commercial Music


Disney Parade


many more


International Touring Locations






The Netherlands













Gil Coast


Bangkok: Don Moen

Martinique Island




KLOVE Cruise 6 years 2011-2017

Northwoods Christmas Music Director 5 year run 2013-2017

Nissan Union City Jazz Series 2017

Dove Awards Mandisa Music Director 2016

Jazz Tastings Restaurant 2018-2019

K-Love Fan Awards Music Director 2016

FCA Real Time Conference San Antonio 2015

Michael W Smith Haiti Relief Project Single and Video 2010

Salvation Amy Nation Conference 2016

Nation Church if God In Christ Men’s Conference 2016

WinterFest Church of God Youth Convenient 2019

Inspiring Hearts Tour 2010

Music Boat Cruise 2010-2014

Joe Robinson Europe Tour 2015

Joe Robinson Australia 2014

Women of Faith Tour 2015

Mandisa EMI/Capital

Freedom 2010

What If We Were Real 2012

Overcomers 2014

Out Of The Dark 2017

It’s Christmas 2008

Rachael Lampa 2004 Word/Curb Records

Chris August

he Great Escape Wilmington Air B&B